The Future of Education

If you are familiar to Grasp Learning you have heard over the past year the term “Front Loading”. Front Loading is a form of learning in which the student is given all of the information related to a particular topic through various means and then required to study that topic through independent learning. Most front loading requires students to expose themselves to information at home or during their own free time at various points during their school day. This was a concept that I (Gordon Fields) introduced to my first grade students over four years ago; there were very few takers but I did have some participation. As a tutor for Korean students over ten years ago we also did a form of front loading during Summer School.

We at Grasp Learning have embraced the idea of front loading and we are seeing the benefits from our students as well. This could be the future of education.

A short time ago I wrote about the influx of online learning. More and more families are participating in online learning; it is the fastest growing venue for learning in the U.S.. At the heart of online learning is the idea of front loading. Students are given the responsibility to learn very specific content on their own at home. For younger students they may require more help at first from their parents but will slowly become more independent.

Recently one of our customers shared a report she saw on “60 Minutes”. The basis of the report was centered around the founder of Khan Academy’s (Salman Khan) approach to learning. The heart of his approach to learning is to create a learning environment where students can be free to learn on their own at home and then complete enriching work in the classroom with one-to-one support from the “teacher”. This approach is what has been termed “Flipping the Classroom”. We at Grasp Learning are doing this every time our students come to us.

This very well could be the future of education around the world. If this becomes the norm you will begin to see that teacher roles are going to shift from being a lecturer to being a support for independent learning. Teachers will become a one-to-one guide for general learning in the classroom.

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