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Screen Time

So we all, or almost all of us, connect to a screen at some point. As a matter of fact you are connecting to a screen right now while reading this post. Screen time is one’s use of a screen for entertainment,┬ánews, learning, etc. Many of us use screens as learning tools through the use of computers, smart devices, or, most popular, the television. We all have seen the value of using these tools as help for instructing our children and even ourselves. But can it be bad?

Well, we all know that everything is “OK” within balance. A recent article from the Mayo Clinic suggests that un-monitored screen time/ unbalanced screen time can actually be bad for our mental health. The American Pediatric Society indicated, in their study, that too much screen time can cause obesity, behavior problems, impaired sleep, poor academic performance, violence, and less time for play. If this is the case then how do we combat these potential issues?

Time is an important aspect when it comes to combating these potential problems related to too much screen time. Below is a list of suggestions you can use to help combat too much screen time.
1. Talk to your children about the importance of play and less screen time.
2. Eliminate unnecessary background noise from you television. This noise often distracts your child from focusing and often is a draw for them.
3. Keep televisions and computers out of the bedroom.
4. Don’t eat in front of the television.
5. Talk to care givers about limiting screen time.
6. As parents, be a good role model by limiting your own screen time.
7. Have your child get involved with family activities and chores such as cooking, cleaning, and even sports.
8. Unplug it if it is becoming an issue.
9. Become an active participant by:
– Planning what your child watches.
– Watching with your child.
– Have your child participate in an activity while watching television.
– Record or watch programs later.

Like all disciplines lessening screen time requires some effort before getting into a scheduled routine, but you will thank yourself when potential issues are staved due to your effort.