Our Math program is designed to provide one-to-one instruction through the use of manipulatives and problem solving strategies that not only stimulate the students’ curiosity but encourage them to investigate questions further. We not only build on foundational number sense and operational skills but also have our students think deeply about the problems they are solving and ask them to explain their solutions. We want them to represent their thinking in a variety of forms to show true understanding. Our math sessions are very interactive and fun! Our lessons are designed to encourage curiosity, interest and skill building.

Our one hour sessions are as follows:

20 minutes- Homework help- building understanding of concepts currently being studied in class.

20 minutes- Core Lesson- Specific instruction on math skills.

20 minutes- Independent Practice of concept taught/Test Taking skills


Skills covered:

Number Sense

Number operations (Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division)

Standard and Alternative Algorithms

Whole numbers and Fractions



AC Math



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