Our Programs

At Grasp Learning, we tailor a program to meet your child at their level and their need. We don’t have a one size fits all curriculum. We plan individualized lessons for each child according to the specific skills. Your child will take a diagnostic assessment which helps us provide differentiated instruction to meet specific student needs.  Each session consists of review, new instruction and meaningful opportunities to apply skills and strategies. We also monitor progress regularly and reteach if necessary. We use technology to reinforce instruction during our learning sessions.

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Our Reading program is designed to provide one-to-one instruction on phonics, fluency (flow and accuracy), vocabulary building and text comprehension (understanding text).


Our Math program is designed to provide one-to-one instruction through the use of manipulatives and problem solving strategies that not only stimulate the students’ curiosity but encourage them to investigate questions further.

Language Arts.

Our Language Arts program focuses on Writing and Grammar Skills. Our program focuses on writing across the curriculum, the process of writing and incorporating grammar into writing.

English as a Second Language.

Our language program is geared towards children and adults needing additional help learning and mastering the English language. We are ESL certified and have worked with children and adults for over 10 years.

Enrichment (Gifted).

Our Gifted program is geared towards students who are excelling in their classes and need an extra challenge and enrichment. We also offer tutoring for Honors courses.

Home Based Learning.

Home school Student focused learning is our main goal. We are here to support what your child is learning at home.

SAT/ACT/Georgia Milestones Prep.

Our SAT/ACT program is personalized toward your child’s specific needs.