SAT/ACT/ Georgia Milestones Assessment


Georgia Milestones Readiness Course- 6 weeks- Spring Course

Join us as we get ready for the Georgia Milestones Assessment. This course is specifically geared toward 3rd – 12th graders. When your child is enrolled in our Georgia Milestones Assessment Readiness Course, we will begin with a full diagnostic of the Common Core for the entire school year. Once we have conducted the diagnostic, we will design a program that will target the concepts that need the most remedial help. Your child will also learn proven test taking strategies and take 3 practice tests that will enable us to further meet their needs. Give your child the gift of confidence as they get ready to take this important standardized test.


Our SAT/ACT program is personalized towards the student’s specific needs. Your child will take a full length SAT diagnostic test and based on the results, we will customize a program that is geared towards the subject areas your child will need help in. Your child will be placed with a certified teacher who not only has classroom experience but also has scored high on the SAT and/or ACT.


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