As grandparents to a special needs child we were very concerned about her development and abilities to progress in her academic activities. Our granddaughter’s reading and spelling development was at stake. With the help of Grasp Learning she has progressed wonderfully and
continue to do so. Her school grades have improved dramatically our granddaughter can’t wait to go to her tutoring sessions which is evidence of the relationship and trust that has been established by the Grasp Learning with our granddaughter. We feel blessed she is in such good hands and look forward to her continued development and academic improvement in the future.


Rudy and Karen




I am so thankful for the assistance my two children have received at GRASP Learning. I looked at a variety of tutoring environments over the last year trying to find the best fit for them. Most of the places I went had their own curriculum and very little one on one attention with a teacher. With kids of different ages and skill sets I was having difficulty finding what I needed. My son was accelerated to advanced math in the 6th grade and was struggling. My 4th grade daughter has been very successful in school so far but seemed to me to be lacking study skills. Mr. Fields at GRASP did a full assessment of their skills. More importantly he listened to me and asked what I was looking for in a tutor. As the year has progressed and the testing for the CRCT has been changed, he has adapted their study plan to ensure they had a comprehensive understanding of the skills they needed. My husband and I are thrilled. We highly recommend GRASP learning to anyone looking for the right tutor for their kids.



Kate Austin, Sycamore Elementary PTA President




This letter is to inform you of my experience with Grasp Learning. My daughter was previously tutored in language Arts by Grasp Learning and I couldn’t have been more pleased with the results. My daughter’s scores in Language Arts progressed by 100% and she is now more confident in this subject. Grasp Learning used the same curriculum as the elementary school known as The Common Core Learning, thus having a massive impact on her test scores. I would highly recommend Grasp Learning to any parent seeking a wonderful tutoring experience for their children. My daughter will forever be influenced by the experience she received, and now attends school with the positive attitude needed to learn.


Paula Savitz, Former Sycamore Elementary PTA President