Tuition Fees

Grasp Learning offers the highest quality tutoring available. We are the only officially operating tutoring company that can guarantee one full hour, one-to-one, with a State Certified Teacher.

We require a minimum of 2 sessions per week, per subject. Our Fees are as follows:

  • No Registration Fee, Ever
  • No Administrative Fees, Ever
  • Deposit- equal to the last 4 weeks of an agreement to be applied to the last 4 weeks of the agreement (terms and conditions apply)
    • Example
      • 12 month agreement deposit= $280.00
      • 6 Month agreement deposit = $344.00
  • Assessments (no agreement)- $87.00
  • Assessments (agreement)- Free
  • 12 Month Agreement= $35.00 (per session)
  • 6 Month Agreement= $43.00 (per session)
  • No agreement= $52.00 (per session)

*All fees are to be paid before the session.

*We accept Visa and Master Card