Who We Are

Who We Are.

We are a locally-owned tutoring company. We believe that all children can learn to use their full-potential to succeed. We nurture high-expectations and celebrate high-achievement. Our goal is to serve the families of our community and provide excellent one-to-one instruction from a certified educator that is affordable and convenient to the family’s needs.


Founder, Gordon Fields was born and raised in West Georgia. He studied Christian Education at Toccoa Falls College and then pursued a Master’s degree in Education with the University of Phoenix. Currently Gordon is working on his doctorate in Organizational Leadership and Management with a focus on Educational Technology. He has been teaching for over 10 years in various capacities in education from teaching gifted students, working as an interventionist with struggling students, tutoring and enriching students at various grade levels, Kindergarten through 8th grade. He has also been a classroom teacher at the local school level.

While working at these various capacities, Gordon began to see the need for reaching students who were falling through the cracks in the school system. Many of these students were struggling to keep up with the rigorous and demanding standards and hence were losing motivation and enthusiasm for learning. When these students were given individualized or one-to-one attention to their specific needs, they began to not only succeed academically but also develop a strong sense of self-esteem and accomplishment. The students were not only learning but excited to meet with their tutor and get the one-to-one help they needed. With this in mind, Grasp Learning was formed.

Gordon is very active in his local community. He participates in various community government activities, is a part of various local PTA’s, and volunteers at his local church. Gordon is also a father who is passionate about raising his daughter with a strong foundation and educational background. It is with this same passion that he desires for each and every child he teaches.